Contact SCUBA diving centers



Our group will try to initiate a dialogue with local diving centers to establish a cooperation bridge. Madeira is a hot spot for adventure tourism and as so, the number of dives and recreational divers has been increasing in recent years. During their dives, divers may detect new ‘hitchhiking’ species and it would be beneficial if these new records are reported to our lab.         


Alert Recreational vessels for floating debris



A considerable amount of consumer plastics, metals, rubber, paper, textiles and fishing gear are discarded into the marine environment every day, making marine debris one of the most extensive pollution problems our planet is facing today. These materials can be considered as a possible vector for the introduction of non-indigenous species as some species are capable of surviving long and stressful journeys in the open ocean. Our group will also try to establish a cooperation with the local nautical recreational sector so they can contact us when they find relevant marine debris in Madeiran waters.       


Inform and alert the public about new arrivals onshore debris


We believe that involving citizens in our mission may be essential in reducing the spread and negative impact of non-native species. Join our effort to fight the spread of invasive species by looking for invasive species, photograph, and report sightings of problem species threatening to invade new areas along our waters.